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Authentic Bone & Buffalo Horn Jewellery

Only high quality products are used, such as ceramic, glass and metal beads, and genuine deerskin leather


Authentic Bone & Semi-Precious Stones Jewellery

Only high quality products are used in the making of these one of a kind pieces, such as metal beads, authentic semi-precious stones, bone spacer beads and genuine deerskin leather.



Authentic Deer Antler Jewellery 

Handcrafted using authentic deer antler and genuine feathers.  All antler jewellery arrives displayed in a white gift box.

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Authentic Bone Jewellery Boxed Sets

Available in 2 piece sets (choker and bracelet) and 3 piece sets (choker, bracelet and earrings) in a white gift box.


Other Jewellery & Accessories

Authentic Bone & Deer Antler Jewellery